It all started with a suggestive name, Winnetou, the first model to emerge from the Willi Dehler shipyard. It was built in a former cinema and by the end of producton, 400 had been sold. After convincing his brother to join forces with him, Willi developed the company’s star boat, the Varianta, which included some of this German visionary’s first innovations: the drop keel and removable cabin.

Dehler was the first to understand the importance of GRP in shipbuilding and the brand has always placed an emphasis on quality materials. After the Varianta, many of which are still sailing today, came the Optima, Delanta, Sprinta and Dueta.

The brand is famous for consistent innovation, as proven by the Central Winch System and the self-tacking jib, amongst others. Over the years, Dehler has won prizes at the most prominent regattas, such as the Montreal Olympic Games. As a further example of Dehler’s legacy, the Sprinta Sport became the first IOR-One Design Class in Germany and since then prestigious prizes and successes have followed one after another.

Under the wing of the Hanse Group since 2010, Dehler is well established in the quality performance yacht arena. This iconic brand is now in production at the Hanse yard in Griefswald where a skilled and dedicated workforce are producing fast, beautiful yachts incorporating the engineering and innovation that has made Dehler famous over the last few decades.


Dehler 41

DESIGNER: Judel/Vrolijk & Co.

Dehler 46

DESIGNER: Judel/ Vrolijk & Co.

Why Choose Dehler

For Security
Laminating the hull and deck together is a labour-intensive and costly affair. However, if it is a matter of ensuring quality and safety, Dehler will always make that extra effort. This system creates a yacht with a unique monocoque construction that is both very rigid and leak-proof.
Dehler’s outstanding track record proves how right we are: the laminated connection ensures total strength and robustness.

For Speed
Dehler use a hand-lay up balsa-sandwich construction method, creating hulls that are always exceptionally rigid, yet also light enough to make them competitive.
Combine this with our modern narrow-beam designs and carefully crafted underwater profiles and you have a boat that will win you races.

For Innovation
As part of our constant urge to improve, our R&D department has developed pioneering innovations in sailing, such as the Central Winch System, single-line reefing and the Maindrop System.
More recent examples can be found on the Dehler 47, like the hydraulic fold-out anchor offering a clear bow area, and the remotely operated bathing platform.

For Innovation
Thanks to their extraordinary quality and strength, Dehler’s yachts have a high resale value. Enjoying the sea in a Dehler is an investment in lasting, secure value.

Make the comparison, and you will see for yourself.

Dehler range of yachts